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October 14, 2019

A message from Valerie Corral Co-founder of Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana

“Today WAMM stands in solidarity with tens of thousands of patients across California and the compassionate providers who serve them. We applaud the good work of Senator Wiener (D), Governor Newsom, and the legislature in the passage of SB34 Cannabis: donations. This legislation speaks to the needs of “medical cannabis patients”, and will eliminate some of the tax burden through regulation of donations from retail and Compassionate Care Programs providing discounted or free cannabis to the sickest and most needy medical cannabis patients of our community. This is a great victory for patients and a much-needed break for those organizations who struggle to meet the financial demands of legalization and the tax constraints that limit our abilities to Give.
Cannabis Legalization State regulations unfortunately changed the landscape virtually eliminating Compassionate Care Programs such as WAMM. Prior to State legalization, for nearly three decades, WAMM has served people in the greatest need at no cost, and on a donation basis. WAMM has been a collective of Patients and Caregivers dedicated to growing and providing medical grade cannabis. SB34 is landmark legislation that brings us back to the root of Medical Marijuana as it was intended by California voters almost 23 years ago with Proposition 215 Compassionate Use act honoring medical cannabis patients and caregivers.
This news is a much desired outcome. For WAMM this means that together, with WAMM Phytotherapies; will be able to work to provide a path for those medical marijuana patients in need once again. WAMM Phytotherapies will open its doors this Spring 2020 and we are celebrating the fact that we can now plan for WAMM to re-open as a Compassionate Care Program in unison!”